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Rogue Crusade: The Really Bad Title

This is a Black Crusade campaign where a ‘not so ragtag’ group of Chaos worshippers embark upon recently rediscovered Imperial system located at the convenient spot in the Segmentum Pacificus. Worlds surrounded by volatile vortexes for a long time suffered the isolation, stranded between collection of Anathema-aligned systems and the Khorne and Chaos Undivided controlled world of Sabbath Worlds are obvious place for Inquisition to find their true loyalty. Considering the location it might be the perfect point to gather Imperial force for a crusade dedicated to take the rightful claim over Sabbath World, meaning that there is going to be another factor.

If the worlds would indeed fall to Chaos, the Empire might find itself in a situation that is far from perfect. However, secured by Empire and messing with the Crusade effort might be just as beneficial. Oh, how rude of me to forget to introduce the stars of the spectacle to come!

  • Luthor, the Dark Apostle
  • Roeland de Graaf, the Pirate Prince
  • Vos, the Heretek
  • Valex, the Q’Sal Magister Immaterial

No matter what plan they will concoct, there are going to be major consequences. Will they help Empire with their efforts against Blood God? Will they be the reason for the system to see beyond Ecclesiarchy and their lies and rebel? Either way, they can’t deny that potential fallen system is a prize worth the effort.

They started with intention to take a hold of more influential people on backwater planet within. You bet that they will at least stir the pot.

Equipped with light cruiser, forged Warrant of Trade and the Box no less it seems like a doable thing. Right?

Home Page

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