The Vision

Luthor was truly blessed by Slaanesh, rewarded for lifetime of dedication and blinding zeal. The Dark Prince bestowed upon him the knowledge of the Halycabris Worlds. Place that only just recently regained any means of contact with its root, the Empire. Vision ended with compelling him to gather the warband that will help to re-purpose the planets in question for deeds much more noble then yet another factory of Corpse God worshippers. Much more noble indeed.

Slaanesh did not feel like showing the course of action or the end-goal. Obviously anyone worthy will be more capable to perform at least adequately. Even if he is not the one who will set the plans, worth is shown by swift action.

The Gathering

It did not take all that long to see the ones from visions. Heretek blessed by drive and innovation far beyond his peers, weaponry and armour specialist no less! Starship pilot and a fellow follower of the Slaanesh who might just have a right kind of navigator to travel in volatile system is more then what anyone could expect. Surprising discovery of Q’Sal Magister, who despite being aligned to Tzeentch must have something about him that took the interest of the Dark Prince.

The Arrival

Upon embarking at the region of Halycabris Worlds at the fringe of the planetary system known as Halyx the boring few hours after the transition were sacrificed to gather data via long range scans. The results were unexpected, but pleasing. It took some time to create rough course of action, but after persuading and some compromising between elaborate takeover and outright strike and throttling any means of alerting neighbouring forces.

The Introduction and Descent

The decision was simple and as long as no-one will want to clear the details will seem to work better then expected and established only minor presence of Navy and two main planets on a slow and long journey to become hive worlds at some point in the future. Three planets dedicated to mineral and ore excavation were claimed by major noble houses located on the planet. It was also established that most of the travel is done by a sub-light ships. Reasonable choice considering highly unpredictable Immaterium of Halycabris.

The Visit

Events of the session concluded with asking guide provided by local magistrate about local powers. With help of a bit of Thrones he told, with visible reluctance, about some of the preferences and means of assuring their success in political endeavours. After getting some basic informations the Warband felt themselves invited and directed their steps to the House Balquor.

With a Box.


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